Diversity & Inclusion Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

The LGBTQIA+ community is afflicted with several injustices to this day. For aspiring social entrepreneurs from the community, social stigma and challenges with acquiring legal identification make it all the more difficult to access funding to set up organisations and sustain operations. 

To empower LGBTQIA+ social entrepreneurs in overcoming these challenges and scaling the impact created by them and their organizations, Surge Impact Foundation is running a 9 – month Entrepreneurship Incubation Program for LGBTQIA+ NGOs, for-profit social enterprises and individuals

The incubation program shall support promising incubatee organisations or individuals, who are members of the community or who work for the benefit of the community across the country. 

The support offered to the incubatees will include: 

  • Training and coaching for building entrepreneurial mindset 
  • Leadership coaching to be an effective leader for your community 
  • Access to community of advisors, investors and mentors across industries ● Enterprise building boot camps led by expert trainers 
  • Community of entrepreneurs for peer-to-peer learning 
  • Access to alumni community 
  • Seed grant based on opportunity for impact and feasibility of idea

To know more about the program, and the Eligibility Criteria for the same, and to access the FAQs, please click on the ‘Call for Applications’ button below.

To apply to this program, click on the ‘Interest Form’ button below. Upon filling in the interest form, the Application Form for the program will be emailed to you.