Climate Action Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

As a developing country of the Global South, with a large population, India is highly susceptible to the impacts of climate change. At 1.2^C warming above pre-industrial levels, India has experienced record-breaking weather events over the past few years. In line with the international Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, both of which have set out a vision of a low-carbon, climate-resilient and sustainable future for all, India too has set its net-zero targets for 2070. This vision needs to be pursued urgently. It is critical, therefore, to foster an ecosystem that will allow urgent climate change mitigation, adaptation and climate justice solutions to be implemented, replicated and scaled up. 

Entrepreneurs play a crucial role in contributing to creating a sustainable and equitable society via ventures focused on climate action. Climate entrepreneurs use innovative business approaches to respond to the challenges of climate change mitigation, and adaptation, and enable climate justice solutions. However, there is a lack of an enabling ecosystem and limited financial support to foster climate entrepreneurship. 

As an organisation with extensive experience in entrepreneurship incubation, Surge Impact Foundation is launching the Climate Action Entrepreneurship Incubation program to empower India’s climate entrepreneurs to scale up their impact. Surge Impact shall help entrepreneurs who are keen to design, drive and implement climate action solutions to accelerate the growth of their ventures through tailored and structured support. 

Climate entrepreneurs whose ventures are in the proof of concept, pre-sales, or pre-profit stages of operations will be supported with financial and operational modelling, solution/program design, governance, marketing and sales, tax support, team & enterprise building, and impact measurement, among others. The program shall also focus on building personal resilience and entrepreneurial competencies of the founder(s) of the incubatee organisations. Through these objectives, the program shall set strong foundations for growth for all incubatees. 

The support offered to the incubatees via SIF’s Climate Action Entrepreneurship Incubation Program: 

  • Individual and organisational leadership building through personal leadership coaching 
  • Access to investors and building pitch confidence 
  • Thematic enterprise building bootcamps led by expert trainers 
  • Access to technical experts from particular focus areas 
  • Exposure to best practices in various climate action sectors
  • Peer-to-peer learning 
  • Market linkages 
  • Alumni support

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