For the One Love of Entreprneurship

Announcing Incubation Program of LGBTQIA+ Community

Surge Impact Foundation is launching a 6 – month Entrepreneurship Incubation Program for LGBTQIA+ NGOs, social enterprises and individuals. Through the program, social entrepreneurs from the LGBTQIA+ community can access the right resources, mentorship, technical and non-technical training, leadership coaching, and network to help them scale their impact. This contributes toward our core objective of helping social entrepreneurs with establishing the foundation for a sustainable and scalable organisation. Through this program, Surge Impact aims to empower LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs to access and navigate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India. 

Social entrepreneurs selected for the program can access the following:

  • Personal leadership coaching: To support the social entrepreneur as a soundboard and an advisor for any guidance required through his journey as an entrepreneur
  • Access to investors and mentors across industries
  • Training Bootcamps: SIF will conduct monthly boot camps through Internal and External experts on various business, technical and non-technical training sessions. These will include topics like the theory of change, design thinking, pitching, finance and budgeting, milestone setting, navigation through the legalities of running an organisation, etc. The program design is flexible and specific topics will be selected based on the specific needs of the cohort. 
  • Peer-to-peer learning: Only an entrepreneur knows best what another entrepreneur experiences. Through peer-to-peer learning, SIF wishes to facilitate the founders of the incubatee organisations to learn from other entrepreneurs in the ecosystem. This would not only facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices but also strengthen the network of the incubatee social entrepreneurs
  • Market linkages: Support and network to establish strong market linkages to enable incubatee organisations to sell or expand the sale of their products and services 

Alumni support: The selected social enterprises will be provided access to the alumni group of SIF. This will strengthen the network of the incubatee organizations further.